Thursday, 10 July 2008

Breast Cancer exhibition

This request for donations has just arrived, asking for scarves, wraps and neck pieces etc to raise awareness and funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The contact person is Belinda Jessup; she can be contacted on 6278 6863 or by email. It is a fairly short deadline - the show will be on next month at Craft ACT, so if you'd like to be involved, you'll need to act promptly :)




As we all know many Australian women are affected by the devastating disease, Breast Cancer. So raising fund for research to find a cure is very important.

We are holding an exhibition and sale for scarves, wraps and contemporary neck pieces to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The exhibition with be held at Craft ACT in Canberra during August 2008.

We ask that you make and donate a piece of work for this exhibition and sale. Work can be in any medium, and you are more than welcome to donate more than one item.

We have set up a blog to coincide with the exhibition and sale and as many images as possible of work for the exhibition will be uploaded to the blog. Accompanying the image would be a short explanation of the work, sale price, materials used and artist details.

This project has the official support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Craft Australia, and Craft ACT.

This is what we would love you to do.

1 Reply to Belinda and say yes to a donation!

2 Start working on your piece to be donated.

3 If possible forward an image and details to this email address to be used on the blog.

4 When posting us your work please advise a recommended retail price, special care instructions and materials used.
Please pass this message on to anyone you think would be interested in participating in this fantastic opportunity to give something back!

Regards, Belinda

Belinda Jessup
9 Gibbes Place
ACT 2614

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Request for old strings

Rachel, a member of the Canberra SnB, is keen to knit an object that is a craft/art/recycling statement.

Her goal is to collect 1000 used tea-bag strings for her creation. Stained strings are fine, even hoped for.

If you can help with donations of used tea-bag strings,please leave a comment (with your email address) and I'll get her contact details to you, or email using the email address attached to this blog.

Rachel is also contactable on Ravelry, screen name Owl.

She will be away until mid-May so there’s no great hurry, but I think I’ll make a start right now –chin-chin.

*image blatantly burgalled from Wooftease

Monday, 24 September 2007


Canberra Stitch 'n' Bitch is having a Pic-Knit at Floriade this weekend.

Sunday 30 September
12pm +
Beanie Marquee at Floriade.

Leunig Inspired Hat in the Exhibition

The Alice Springs Beanie Festival Travelling Exhibition is at Floriade this year. This Sunday, indigenous women involved in the Beanie Festival and Gay from Ashford Australia Gay will be there.

The nearest entrance to the Beanie Marquee is the Parkes Way entrance. You'll need to take a seat and sunscreen as well as your knitting. There is a VERY little bit of space in the marquee in which to knit.


Thursday, 19 July 2007


Missing from the initial information about the workshops being held in conjunction with the Craft ACT Knit 1 Blog 1 exhibition is this event:

The Toes and Heels of Socks: Penny Hadobas
Sunday 22 July, 11:30am to 1:30pm

Ever wanted to knit socks and been too intimidated to try it out? Come along and let Penny Hadobas (aka Happy Spider) walk and talk you through every step of the process and help you on your way to knitting's deepest addiction.

All ability levels welcome!

Handpainted sock yarn will be available for sale at the workshop or feel free to bring your own (4ply or 8ply preferable).

Please bring your own double-pointed needles.

Miss Penny is our Stitch 'n' Bitch sock guru - how could you miss the opportunity to learning at and from the feet of the Mistress (and I'll let you in on a secret - she has a new sock pattern and it's gawjus. Be the first to see it at the workshop). Go on - email now, or ring in the morning. You know you want to.

Workshops cost $15 or $5 concession includes hot drinks and dainty bikkies as well as pearls of wisdom.Bookings essential Phone: 02 6262 9333 Email: [Craft ACT Admin]

Monday, 9 July 2007

Term 3 Knitting and Crocheting classes in Canberra


Knitting For Beginners,
4 weeks beginning Thursday 2 August, 6.00-9.00 pm
Canberra College, Launceston Street, Phillip
$65 + materials cost

Knitting For Beginners,
8 weeks beginning Thursday 2 August, 6.00-9.00 pm
Canberra College, Launceston Street, Phillip
$130 + materials cost

More info contact the Brain Gym, Phillip
Phone: 62055781
FAX: 62055776
Email: lynl AT canberrac DOT act DOT edu DOT au


Contemporary Knitting on a Machine
Learn the art of limitless machine knitting, maintenance, garment measuring and finishing. We want you to develop your skill so that you have the confidence to create garmets that you will be proud of. Males welcome, and age is no limit to this exciting art. Please bring your own machine to the class.

AAD2266 Continuing
Saturday, 18 Aug, 2007 Sunday & 19 Aug, 2007 9:30AM - 4:30PM
CIT Bruce Campus
$210 + possible materials cost
Tutor: Jan Richards

AAD2213 Beginners
Saturday, 20 Oct, 2007 Sunday, 21 Oct, 2007 9:30AM - 4:30PM
CIT Bruce Campus
$210 + possible materials cost
Tutor: Jan Richards

Knitting is fun, fashionable, creative and relaxing, the perfect antidote to computer fatigue. Learn the basics to begin a project of your choice and learn to unravel the mysteries of sl.1,k1, psso in a sociable and supportive group. Bring to first lesson size 4.00 or 4.50mm needles and some 8 ply smooth yarn in a light-medium colour.

AAC2146 Beginners
Tuesday, 21 Aug, 2007 Tuesday -18 Sep, 2007 6:30PM - 8:30PM (5 sessions)
CIT Weston Campus
$120 + possible materials costs
Tutor: Alexandra Davey

ACT2151 Beginners
Saturday, 29 Sep, 2007 Saturday, 27 Oct, 2007 1:00PM - 3:00PM (5 sessions)
CIT Bruce Campus
$120 + materials costs
Tutor: Alexandra Davey

AAD2028 Continuing
Saturday, 3 Nov, 2007 Saturday, 1 Dec, 2007 1:00PM - 3:00PM (5 sessions)
CIT Bruce Campus
$120 + possible materials costs
Tutor: Alexandra Davey

Crochet Made Easy
Crochet is a simple technique which calms and adds balance to a hectic lifestyle. It is portable, practical, sociable and allows you to experiment. In this class you will learn basic stitches and shapes, how to read English and American patterns and master an easy but unusual stitch suitable for a lacy scarf. Bring to first class a size 4.00mm hook and some light or medium coloured smooth yarn preferably crepe or similar tightly spun yarn.

Saturday, 18 Aug, 2007 Saturday, 15 Sep, 2007, 10:00AM - 12:00PM (5 sessions)
CIT Bruce Campus
$120 + possible materials cost
TUTOR: Maureen Bell

Crochet Continuing
If you can confidently work Double Crochet, Half Treble and Treble, you can learn new interesting stitches and techniques, Broomstick Irish and Solomon’s Knot

Saturday, 20 Oct, 2007 Saturday, 10 Nov, 2007 10:00AM - 12:00PM (4 sessions)
Bruce CIT Campus
$100 + possible materials cost
TUTOR: Maureen Bell

To Enrol
To enrol in a short course please download a enrolment form:
PDF Format (48.5kb)
Word Format (151kb)
Please send your completed enrolment form through to CIT Solutions using one of the following methods:
Email: providing relevant information as per form details
Facsimile: 02 6207 3430 to send your form through promptly
Telephone: 02 6207 4441 direct to enrol.


Knitting for Beginners
8 weeks beginning Monday 30 July, 7.00-9.00 pm Dickson College, Phillip Avenue, Dickson

For more info contact
Dickson College
Phone 6205 6424 or 6205 6455
or email susan DOT bell AT ed DOT act DOT edu DOT au

If you know of any other classes or workshops, please leave a comment or send an email (the address is in the blog profile)

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Knit 1 Blog 1 Exhibition

Hi all,

Some of you may be aware that Craft ACT is holding an exhibition NEXT MONTH focussing on Knitting and Blogs - the show is called Knit 1 Blog 1, and they are keen to get local donations of hand-knitting for display, from those of us who also have knitting blogs. This show is already in our Calendar, but thought some extra info could be interesting for people...

The show will be at Craft ACT's Craft and Design Centre, Level 1, North Building, Civic, from 13 July to 26 August 07, and entries need to be in by Tuesday 3rd July. There is no entry fee (unlike many art exhibitions!).

The show will be quite interactive - in addition to displays of knitted objects, there will also be projectors projecting a revolving list of blog sites on the walls. Computers connected to the internet will be in the gallery, so visitors will be able to click around on sites and open other blog sites.

Barbara is also on the lookout for knitters who would be interested in running a workshop or two (and being paid for it), both for beginning and experienced knitters. These would run on the weekends of 21 - 22 July, and 11 -12 August. If you are interested in offering something, please contact Barbara McConchie. I don't think you'd need to be one of the exhibiting knitters to teach a workshop - so if you're Blogless, but would like to teach something, please drop Barbara a line.

You can read more about it - appropriately enough - on their Blog :
E-mail Barbara for an Entry Form.

From the Craft ACT web site :
Curated by Barbara McConchie, Knit 1 Blog 1 exposes the social phenomena of knitting and blogging. The Festival of Contemporary Art opens at the Australian National University School of Art Gallery 5:30pm, Craft ACT 6:15pm and Festival Party at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space 7pm (Friday 13 July).

Friday, 8 June 2007

Knit in Public Day

Late notice, I know, but it took some time to get consensus...

OK, for those of you who feel like braving the elements to put your knitting on display then rock up with a picnic lunch, hot drink, warm clothes, and your knitting, of course :

Saturday 9 June (TOMORROW)
The gazebo at the centre of Glebe Park, Civic
12 - 1.30 pm

Happy knitting all!