Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Knit 1 Blog 1 Exhibition

Hi all,

Some of you may be aware that Craft ACT is holding an exhibition NEXT MONTH focussing on Knitting and Blogs - the show is called Knit 1 Blog 1, and they are keen to get local donations of hand-knitting for display, from those of us who also have knitting blogs. This show is already in our Calendar, but thought some extra info could be interesting for people...

The show will be at Craft ACT's Craft and Design Centre, Level 1, North Building, Civic, from 13 July to 26 August 07, and entries need to be in by Tuesday 3rd July. There is no entry fee (unlike many art exhibitions!).

The show will be quite interactive - in addition to displays of knitted objects, there will also be projectors projecting a revolving list of blog sites on the walls. Computers connected to the internet will be in the gallery, so visitors will be able to click around on sites and open other blog sites.

Barbara is also on the lookout for knitters who would be interested in running a workshop or two (and being paid for it), both for beginning and experienced knitters. These would run on the weekends of 21 - 22 July, and 11 -12 August. If you are interested in offering something, please contact Barbara McConchie. I don't think you'd need to be one of the exhibiting knitters to teach a workshop - so if you're Blogless, but would like to teach something, please drop Barbara a line.

You can read more about it - appropriately enough - on their Blog : http://knit1blog1.blogspot.com/
E-mail Barbara for an Entry Form.

From the Craft ACT web site :
Curated by Barbara McConchie, Knit 1 Blog 1 exposes the social phenomena of knitting and blogging. The Festival of Contemporary Art opens at the Australian National University School of Art Gallery 5:30pm, Craft ACT 6:15pm and Festival Party at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space 7pm (Friday 13 July).

Friday, 8 June 2007

Knit in Public Day

Late notice, I know, but it took some time to get consensus...

OK, for those of you who feel like braving the elements to put your knitting on display then rock up with a picnic lunch, hot drink, warm clothes, and your knitting, of course :

Saturday 9 June (TOMORROW)
The gazebo at the centre of Glebe Park, Civic
12 - 1.30 pm

Happy knitting all!